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Health effects among newborns after prenatal exposure to ClO2-disinfected drinking water.
A statistically significant positive association was found between exposure of the mother to ClO2-treated water during pregnancy and prematurity of the newborn as assessed by the attending physician and by a greater weight loss after birth.
Effects of chlorite exposure on conception rate and litters of A/J strain mice
The use of chlorine has been almost universally accepted as the method of choice for disinfecting potable water supplies. However, recent studies have demonstrated that the interaction of chlorine
Effects of changes in the major carbon source on the fatty acids ofEuglena gracilis
Euglena gracilis was cultured under both heterotrophic and phototrophic growth conditions using ethanol, glucose or CO2 as the major carbon source. Total fatty acid analyses indicated that ethanol
Health effects of Monochloramines in drinking water
The conclusion is that monochloramine ingestion by A/J mice does not appear to produce evidence of hemolysis even at very high dose levels.
The fungicidal and fungistatic effects of an aqueous garlic extract on medically important yeast-like fungi.
SUMMARYA variety of yeast-like fungi representing the genera Candida, Cryptococcus, Rhodotorula, Torulopsis, and Trichosporon was inhibited in vitro in the presence of an aqueous extract of garlic....