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Quantification of mediterranean plant phenology and growth
Cool, moist winters and hot, dry summers characterize the climate of Mediterranean-type ecosystems (Aschmann 1973; Thrower and Bradbury 1977). Mediterranean shrublands are typical in these regions,Expand
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Heavy metals and other trace elements contents in Chilean honey1
C. Fredes and G. Montenegro. 2006. Heavy metal and other trace elements contents in Chilean honey. Cien. Inv. Agr. (in English) 33(1):50-58. Forty seven honeys collected between IV and XExpand
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Studies of the holoparasite Tristerix aphyllus (Loranthaceae) infecting Trichocereus chilensis (Cactaceae)
Many of the large columnar cacti Trichocereus chilensis near Santiago are infected by Tristerix aphyllus. This is one of the most highly reduced seed plants known: as it is an endoparasite,Expand
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Heavy metal and other trace elements contents in honey bee in Chile. Cien. Inv. Agr. (in English) 33(1):50-58.
Forty seven honeys collected between IV and X Administrative Region of Chile, were studied to determine the presence of the following 11 trace elements Al, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, Sr and Zn.Expand
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Origen botánico y propiedades químicas de las mieles de la región mediterránea árida de Chile
Pollen grains present in the honeys, produced during the season 2001-2002, in hives of the IV Region of Chile, were identified by microscopic analysis in order to determine their botanical origin.Expand
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Restauracion ecologica para ecosistemas nativos afectados por incendios forestales
Solicitar texto completo en Biblioteca Biomedica o Lo Contador de la Pontificia Universidad de Chile :Expand
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Growth Dynamics of Chilean Matorral Shrubs
Seasonal patterns of leaf area increment and shoot elongation of six Chilean matorral shrub species were analyzed. The leaf area of individual shoots was measured weekly. The leaf area growth ratesExpand
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A B S T R A C T The sclerophyllous evergreen shrub vegetation of southern California and central Chile is characterized by several examples of morphologically similar species. For each one out of aExpand
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Presence and development of lignotubers in shrubs of the Chilean matorral
The development of lignotubers was analyzed in seedlings of representative shrub species of the matorral in central Chile. The lignotuber is evident 3 months after germination in Cryptocarya alba andExpand
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