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Introduction to General Relativity
Notes for introductory General Relativity. These are not intended to be a replacement for a textbook but the typeset version of (some version of) my lecture notes. Having said that, I hope that you
Brain magnetic resonance imaging and manganese exposure.
Two indicators of exposure and hyperintensity were considered, represented respectively by the concentration of Mn in total blood (MnB), and the pallidal index (PI), which show a positive association, which indicates a possible continuum from normality to clinical stages both in workers occupationally exposed to Mn and in patients suffering from chronic liver disease.
The gravitational polarization in general relativity: solution to Szekeres' model of quadrupole polarization
A model for the static weak-field macroscopic medium is analysed and the equation for the macroscopic gravitational potential is derived. This is a biharmonic equation which is a non-trivial
Relationship between initial cardiovascular structural changes and daytime and nighttime blood pressure monitoring.
The results of this study confirm that elevated average ABPM values are associated to higher left ventricular mass and suggest that increased blood pressure variability may be associated with vascular structural changes, as evaluated by minimal vascular resistance.
Scalar modes in extended hybrid metric-Palatini gravity: Weak field phenomenology
We investigate the nature of additional scalar degrees of freedom contained in extended hybrid metric-Palatini gravity, outlining the emergence of two coupled dynamical scalar modes. In particular,
Nonlinear velocity redistribution caused by energetic-particle-driven geodesic acoustic modes, mapped with the beam-plasma system
The nonlinear dynamics of energetic-particle (EP) driven geodesic acoustic modes (EGAM) in tokamaks is investigated, and compared with the beam-plasma system (BPS). The EGAM is studied with the
A possible signature of cosmic neutrino decoupling in the nHz region of the spectrum of primordial gravitational waves
In this paper we study the effect of cosmic neutrino decoupling on the spectrum of cosmological gravitational waves (GWs). At temperatures T>>1 MeV, neutrinos constitute a perfect fluid and do not