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The Effects of Labor Market Regulations on Employment Decisions by Firms: Empirical Evidence for Argentina
There are few Latin American countries that produced such a remarkable turnaround in policies and outcomes as Argentina did in the 1990s. The large number of reforms yielded surprisingly strongExpand
Recurrent High Inflation and Stabilization: A Dynamic Game
We analyze the dynamics of inflation that arise from fiscal deficits caused by the noncooperative behavior of interest groups. The "state" variable is the degree of financial adaptation, a proxy forExpand
A phytosociological survey of the Corynephorus canescens (L.) Beauv. communities of Italy
Abstract In Italy, Corynephorus communities are distributed along the medium course of the Ticino river and Sesia river and the internal sand dunes of Lomellina (through the Vercelli, Novara andExpand
Courage to Capital ?
We propose a model of rating agencies that is an application of global game theory in which heterogeneous investors act strategically. The model allows us to explore the impact of the introduction ofExpand
[Remote outcomes of viral hepatitis].