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[Andrologic significance of genital mycoplasma].
The authors investigated the effect of genital mycoplasma infection of fertility in asymptomatic andrological patients and in a control group of so called "chronic prostatitis" patients with clinical symptoms, finding no significant difference between the two groups. Expand
[Significant bacteriospermia. Value and limits of sperm count in andrology].
The data concerning bacteriospermia--are very different in the literature. Asymptomatic andrologic patients, and as control group--patients of the outpatient department for male adnexitis--wereExpand
Is seminal fluid a suitable specimen for detecting chlamydial infection in men?
It is suggested that testing of the ejaculate and/or the prostatic secretion parallel with the urethral sample would improve the sensitivity of detection of chlamydial infections. Expand
[Chromosome studies in acute drug poisoning].
[Genital chlamydia infection in andrologic patients. Direct antigen detection and serologic screening].
Authors investigated the frequency of genital chlamydial infection in couples--complaining with infertility--were examined and found that all chlamydia positive patients have elevated IgG antibody levels in sera. Expand
[Transcervical endometrial resection. A new surgical method for the management of metrorrhagia].
The authors introduce to transcervical endometrial resection offered as an alternative operation for women with metrorrhagia and results of the surgery of the first 10 patients are reported. Expand
[Incidence of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in pregnancy, labor and in the newborn].
Chlamydia trachomatis infection was proven in 38.8 p.c. (87 cases) out of altogether 224 cases pregnancy, which exceeds the average published in the literature and is even higher than that found in selected high-risk population. Expand
The role of the sympatho-adrenal system in ischaemic shock.