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Participatory development and empowerment: The dangers of localism
Recent discussions in development have moved away from holistic theorisation towards more localised, empirical and inductive approaches. In development practice there has been a parallel move towardsExpand
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Relocating participation within a radical politics of development
In response to (and in sympathy with) many of the critical points that have been lodged against participatory approaches to development and governance within international development, this articleExpand
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Participation: From Tyranny to Transformation: Exploring New Approaches to Participation in Development
Participation is a popular approach to project implementation, policy-making and governance in both developing and developed countries. Recently, however, it has become fashionable to dismissExpand
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The disappointments of civil society: the politics of NGO intervention in northern Ghana
Abstract During the 1990s, civil society emerged as the prime political force in the policy agenda of the major lenders and development agencies. An active civil society, it was believed, wouldExpand
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Placing social capital
This paper reviews the contribution that the concept of social capital might make to geography, and the contribution geography might make to the analysis of social capital. We begin by summarizingExpand
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Living Multiculture: Understanding the New Spatial and Social Relations of Ethnicity and Multiculture in England
Since 2001, as the social and spatial compositions of multiculture and migration have become more complicated and diverse, geography has moved back to the centre of policy, political, and academicExpand
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Beyond participation: strategies for deeper empowerment
This chapter has two major aims. The first is to critique existing participatory practices, especially the ways in which local knowledge is generated as a necessary first-step in reversing the 'topExpand
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Embedded Cosmopolitanism and the Politics of Obligation: The Ghanaian Diaspora and Development
The author analyses how identities and obligations operate within the spaces of transnational communities and how this affects development. Within spatially diffuse communities, identities are fluidExpand
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Africa, China and the ‘new’ economic geography of development
The article discusses the economic geography of development in Africa and the role played by China in developments on the continent. The global economy, poverty, AIDS, fertilizers, road building, andExpand
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