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Thymus and Antigen‐Reactive Cells
  • J. F. A. P. Miller, G. Mitchell
  • Medicine
  • Transplantation reviews
  • 1 March 1969
To account for the immune defects following thymectomy, it was originally postulated that the thymus produced 'the originators of immunologically competent cells' which migrate to other sites (Miller 1961). Expand
Resistance to cutaneous leishmaniasis in nude mice injected with L3T4+ T cells but not with Ly‐2+ T cells
Resistance to L. major infection in reconstituted nude mice can be promoted by L3T4+ T cells in the absence of detectable Ly‐2+ T cell subpopulations. Expand
Identification of subsets of proliferating low Thy 1 cells in thymus cortex and medulla.
The identification of discrete subsets of proliferating low Thy 1 cells in the thymus cortex as well as in theThy 1 medulla is compatible with the hypotheses that all thymocytes are descended fromLow Thy 1 precursors and that separate precursor cell subsets exist for cortical and medullary thymocyte subsets. Expand
Studies on chronic versus transient intestinal nematode infections in mice I. A comparison of responses to excretory/secretory (ES) products of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis and Nematospiroides dubius
Differences in persistence of infection between these two nematodes probably reflect differences in the ability to resist both specific and nonspecific components of the complex intestinal rejection process. Expand
Studies on the maturity of cells migrating from the thymus to the periphery in mice.
The terras “mature” and “immature�” are used because cortical thymocytes generally have little or no immune function, while the other populations do. Expand