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The River Continuum Concept
From headwaters to mouth, the physical variables within a river system present a continuous gradient of physical conditions. This gradient should elicit a series of responses within the constituentExpand
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The Role of Disturbance in Stream Ecology
We define disturbance in stream ecosystems to be: any relatively discrete event in time that is characterized by a frequency, intensity, and severity outside a predictable range, and that disruptsExpand
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Responses of stream benthic macroinvertebrates to fire
Synthesis of published research on the responses of stream benthic macroinvertebrates to fire in western United States indicates a consistent pattern of response that can guide resource managementExpand
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Postfire responses of lotic ecosystems in Yellowstone National Park, U.S.A.
Wildfire is a major large-scale disturbance affecting terrestrial landscapes and lotic ecosystems in many regions of the world. We examined environmental and biological responses of 20 streams inExpand
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Developments in Stream Ecosystem Theory
Four significant areas of thought, (1) the holistic approach, (2) the linkage between streams and their terrestrial setting, (3) material cycling in open systems, and (4) biotic interactions andExpand
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Studies were conducted in four distinct geographic areas (biomes/sites) in northern United States to examine changes in key ecosystem parameters: benthic organic matter (BOM), transported organicExpand
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Autotrophy in Stream Ecosystems
where the import of organic matter from outside the system is the predominant feature. Little has been done to test the hypotheses derived from these systems against information obtained from otherExpand
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Postfire Management on Forested Public Lands of the Western United States
Forest ecosystems in the western United States evolved over many millennia in response to distur- bances such as wildfires. Land use and management practices have altered these ecosystems, however,Expand
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Nitrogen and phosphorus uptake in two Idaho (USA) headwater wilderness streams
Abstract Nitrate and phosphate solutions were released into two reaches of two central Idaho streams to determine within- and between-stream variability in uptake lengths, uptake rates, and massExpand
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