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In this paper we review the academic evidence on earnings management and its implications for accounting standard setters and regulators. We structure our review around a rich set of questions likelyExpand
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Are Distance Education Programs More Acceptable to Field-Independent Learners?
The purpose of this study was to determine whether fieldindependent learners are better suited to agricultural distance education programs than their field-dependent counterparts. The sampleExpand
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Have you heard the latest rumor about...? Solution-focused therapy as a rumor.
This essay treats solution-focused therapy as a rumor. Solution-focused therapy is a series of stories that members of diverse therapist communities tell one another. Our version of this rumorExpand
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Emotions in solution-focused therapy: a re-examination.
This article re-examines whether and how emotions are an aspect of solution-focused therapy. A major theme in the article focuses on the usual ways that therapists define and discuss emotions inExpand
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Brain Scans of Pain Raise Questions for the Law
  • G. Miller
  • Psychology, Medicine
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  • 9 January 2009
Neuroimaging is knocking on the courthouse door. But although certain brain regions consistently rev up when people experience pain, neuroscientists have yet to demonstrate that the converse is true:Expand
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Healthy growth ahead for wellness drinks
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Researchers Thrilled With Seminal Discovery
NEUROSCIENCETwo researchers have found a long-sought bit of circuitry called the ejaculation generator in the spinal cord. On page [1566][1], neuroscientists describe a population of cells in maleExpand
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Economic Game Shows How the Brain Builds Trust
  • G. Miller
  • Medicine, Economics
  • Science
  • 1 April 2005
On page 78, neuroscientists and economists report that studies of brain activity during an economic exchange game suggest that trust may stem from a cold calculation of expected rewards.
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Taxonomy's Elusive Grail
TAXONOMYTo date, fewer than 2 million species have been described--perhaps a fifth of the planet's total.
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Bird Alarm Calls Size Up Predators
On page 1934, researchers report that black-capped chickadees have a sophisticated system of alarm calls that conveys information about the size of potential predators and appears to help theExpand
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