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WordNet: A Lexical Database for English
WordNet1 provides a more effective combination of traditional lexicographic information and modern computing, and is an online lexical database designed for use under program control. Expand
Introduction to WordNet: An On-line Lexical Database
Standard alphabetical procedures for organizing lexical information put together words that are spelled alike and scatter words with similar or related meanings haphazardly through the list.Expand
Contextual correlates of semantic similarity
Abstract The relationship between semantic and contextual similarity is investigated for pairs of nouns that vary from high to low semantic similarity. Semantic similarity is estimated by subjectiveExpand
A Semantic Concordance
A semantic concordance is a textual corpus and a lexicon so combined that every substantive word in the text is linked to its appropriate sense in the lexicon. Thus it can be viewed either as aExpand
Combining Local Context and Wordnet Similarity for Word Sense Identification
This chapter contains sections titled: Introducfion, Training and Testing Data, Experiment 1: The Local Context Classifier, Experiment 2: Measuring Word Similarity In Wordnet, Experiment 3: CombiningExpand
WordNet: A Lexical Database for English
The goal of this project is to provide lexical resources for natural language research and to learn how to develop contextual representations for different senses of a polysemous word. Expand
Using Corpus Statistics and WordNet Relations for Sense Identification
A statistical classifier is described that combines topical context with local cues to identify a word sense and is used to disambiguate a noun, a verb, and an adjective. Expand
Nouns in WordNet: A Lexical Inheritance System
Using a Semantic Concordance for Sense Identification
This paper proposes benchmarks for systems of automatic sense identification. A textual corpus in which open-class words had been tagged both syntactically and semantically was used to explore threeExpand