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Relationships Among Risk, Incentive Pay, and Organizational Performance
In this study, we extended agency-based research by examining the role of risk in the structure of managerial compensation and its relationship to organization performance. Our results suggest that...
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Organizational Differences in Managerial Compensation and Financial Performance
This study had two general focuses. First, after reviewing the literature on compensation strategy, we examined the extent to which organizations facing similar conditions make different managerialExpand
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The Current State of Performance Appraisal Research and Practice: Concerns, Directions, and Implications
On the surface, it is not readily apparent how some performance appraisal research issues inform performance appraisal practice. Because performance appraisal is an applied topic, it is useful toExpand
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Compensation and Firm Performance
This paper uses stochastic simulation and my U.S. econometric model to examine the optimal choice of monetary policy instruments. Are the variances, covariances, and parameters in the model such asExpand
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Boundaryless and traditional contingent employees: worlds apart
Summary We find support for distinguishing between two types of contingent workers: boundaryless and traditional. The existence of these two types helps explain the conflicting views about contingentExpand
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Pay for Performance: Evaluating Performance Appraisal and Merit Pay
"Pay for performance" has become a buzzword for the 1990s, as U.S. organizations seek ways to boost employee productivity. The new emphasis on performance appraisal and merit pay calls for a thoroughExpand
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A Theoretical Exploration of the Adoption and Design of Flexible Benefit Plans: A Case of Human Resource Innovation
In this article we explore theoretical explanations of managers' decisions about flexible benefit plans. First, we examine the adoption and design of flexible benefit plans through four theoreticExpand
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Special Issue on Corporate Transformation in the People's Republic of China: Organization and Management in the Midst of Societal Transformation: The People's Republic of China
We describe the empirical context of China today, review contemporary research on Chinese management and organizations, and describe the nine papers in this special issue ofOrganization Science. Expand
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A Strategic Perspective on Compensation Management
Excerpt] The notion that compensation policies are strategic, thereby affecting the missions of the organization, has considerable currency. This is part of the current popularity of all thingsExpand
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Salaries, Salary Growth, and Promotions of Men and Women in a Large, Private Firm
Excerpt] Salaries, promotions, and salary growth of men and women in a large, diversified firm were examined for the years 1980 through 1986. Consistent with other studies, men's average salary wasExpand
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