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Condition, reproduction and survival of barn swallows from Chernobyl
Summary 1. We investigated the relationship between radiation arising from the fall-out due to the explosion of the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, Ukraine, and body condition, rate of reproduction andExpand
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Impact of climate change on Antarctic krill
Antarctic krill Euphausia superba (hereafter `krill') occur in regions undergoing rapid environmental change, particularly loss of winter sea ice. During recent years, harvesting of krill has inExpand
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Current status of the Antarctic herb tundra formation in the Central Argentine Islands
Changes in the higher plant populations of the Argentine Islands over the last four to five decades have been central to developing an understanding of the likely biological responses to the globallyExpand
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Maritime aerosol network as a component of AERONET - first results and comparison with global aerosol models and satellite retrievals
The Maritime Aerosol Network (MAN) has been collecting data over the oceans since November 2006. Over 80 cruises were completed through early 2010 with deployments continuing. Measurement areasExpand
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Highly reduced mass loss rates and increased litter layer in radioactively contaminated areas
The effects of radioactive contamination from Chernobyl on decomposition of plant material still remain unknown. We predicted that decomposition rate would be reduced in the most contaminated sitesExpand
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Structure and long-term change in the zonal asymmetry in Antarctic total ozone during spring
Abstract. The quasi-stationary asymmetry of total ozone over Antarctica during spring is studied by TOMS data during the period 1979–2005. Statistics on the amplitude and longitudinal position ofExpand
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Total ozone and tropopause zonal asymmetry during the Antarctic spring
[1] Analysis of zonal anomalies in total ozone and thermal tropopause height shows that ozone depletion during austral spring has a strong influence on the height and sharpness of the tropopause overExpand
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Heterogeneous relationships between abundance of soil surface invertebrates and radiation from Chernobyl
a b s t r a c t Although pollution due to nuclear accidents constitutes some of the largest environmental disasters, there is surprisingly little information available on the relationship betweenExpand
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Combined characterisation of GOME and TOMS total ozone measurements from space using ground-based observations from the NDSC
Several years of total ozone measured from space by the ERS-2 GOME, the Earth Probe TOMS, and the ADEOS TOMS, are compared with high-quality ground-based observations associated with the Network forExpand
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Variability of aerosol properties over Eastern Europe observed from ground and satellites in the period from 2003 to 2011
Abstract. The paper presents some results of the study on aerosol variability in the period from 2003 to 2011 over the Eastern Europe region, with latitude ranging from 40° N to 60° N and longitudeExpand
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