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The prevalence and clinical impact of fibromyalgia in systemic lupus erythematosus.
FMS is very common in SLE patients, and accounts for many of the symptoms and much of the disability in these patients. Expand
Nothing Lasts Forever: Environmental Discourses on the Collapse of Past Societies
The study of the collapse of past societies raises many questions for the theory and practice of archaeology. Interest in collapse extends as well into the natural sciences and environmental andExpand
The Collapse of Palatial Society in LBA Greece and the Postpalatial Period
This thesis offers a contextualised approach to the collapse of the Mycenaean palace societies of mainland Greece, c.1200BC, and aspects of Mycenaean society in the postpalatial (LHIIIC) period. ItExpand
Understanding Collapse: Ancient History and Modern Myths
Understanding Collapse explores the collapse of ancient civilisations, such as the Roman Empire, the Maya, and Easter Island. In this lively survey, Guy D. Middleton critically examines our ideasExpand
The show must go on: Collapse, resilience, and transformation in 21st-century archaeology
ABSTRACT Collapse is a theme addressed by specialists from many disciplines, from environmental and sustainability studies to popular culture and the hard sciences, as well as by archaeologists andExpand
Bang or whimper?
There is little archaeological evidence for such sudden, widespread civilizational collapse in the Meghalayan Age, and the Commission explains that this period began with a two-centuries-long megadrought. Expand
Collapse of Bronze Age Civilizations
Archaeologists and historians, amongst others, have long been interested in climate and its potential effects on human societies (Fairbridge 2009a). Since Douglass (1867–1962) pioneeredExpand
Telling Stories: The Mycenaean Origins of the Philistines
Summary The story of the Philistines as Mycenaean or Aegean migrants, refugees who fled the Aegean after the collapse of the palace societies c.1200 BC, bringing an Aegean culture and practicesExpand
Detachment from Place: Beyond an Archaeology of Settlement Abandonment. MAXIME LAMOUREAUX-ST-HILAIRE and SCOTT A. MCRAE, editors. 2020. University Press of Colorado, Louisville. xiii + 268 pp. $72.00
a key principle for understanding the deployment of royal duties, bodily modification and attire, and, more broadly, identity and transformation in Aztec ritual. Attention to gender in works byExpand