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Guillain–Barré Syndrome Associated with SARS-CoV-2
Five patients who had Guillain–Barre syndrome 5 to 10 days after the onset of Covid-19 are described and three had severe weakness and an axonal pattern on electr... Expand
Guideline-based careflow systems
This paper describes a methodology for achieving an efficient implementation of clinical practice guidelines based on computational formalisms representing both medical and health care organisational knowledge, and shows that the 'workflow management' technology, widely used in business process automation, may be transferred to the health care setting. Expand
Intracerebral vascular changes induced by cold pressor test: a model of sympathetic activation.
Intacerebral vascular response induced by CPT may be attributed to a central noradrenergic mechanism (possibly modulated at the locus coeruleus level) and transcranial Doppler monitoring of CPT effect is a potential tool for investigating peculiar patterns of functional disturbances of cerebral circulation. Expand
Economic benefit from clinical practice guideline compliance in stroke patient management.
Patients treated according to guidelines result in lower costs; on average they have a shorter length of stay in hospital, leading to a significant difference in the consumption of hospital resources. Expand
Guidelines for Controlled Trials of Drugs in Cluster Headache : First Edition: International Headache Society Committee on Clinical Trials in Cluster Headache
The present guidelines were developed under the auspices of the International Headache Society (IHS) to facilitate high quality controlled clinical trials (CCT) in cluster headache. Quality CCT areExpand
Cluster Headache — Clinical Findings in 180 Patients
The study of timing of cluster periods suggests, for some patients, a constant, typical temporal pattern not necessarily related to seasons or the months of the year, and cluster headache cannot be considered as a nocturnal headache. Expand
Autonomic dysfunction in Parkinson's disease
Lewy bodies within the sympathetic ganglia and antibodies to sympathetic neurons have been detected in PD patients may represent a useful tool in the differential diagnosis of “atypical” or “complicated” parkinsonisms. Expand
Effect of generalised sympathetic activation by cold pressor test on cerebral haemodynamics in healthy humans.
The results suggest that generalised increases in the sympathetic discharge, causing increases in ABP, can prevent concomitant increases in CBF by acting on both small resistance and large compliant vessels. Expand
19q13.11 cryptic deletion: description of two new cases and indication for a role of WTIP haploinsufficiency in hypospadias
Using array-CGH for genome-wide screening, an interstitial deletion of chromosome band 19q13.11 was detected in two patients exhibiting the recognizable pattern of malformations as described in other instances of this submicroscopic genomic imbalance, and WTIP gene haploinsufficiency was hypothesized as responsible for hypospadias. Expand
Cerebral haemodynamic response to acute intracranial hypertension induced by head-down tilt.
The effects observed on the pulsatility and resistance indices are not secondary to the increase in intracranial arterial pressure and it is suggested that the changes in these cerebrovascular indices are mediated by a reduction of sympathetic tone that presumably involves the cerebral as well as the peripheral vascular bed. Expand