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Comparative analysis of SHALSTAB and SINMAP for landslide susceptibility mapping in the Cunha River basin, southern Brazil
PurposeThe Shallow Landsliding Stability Model (SHALSTAB) and Stability Index Mapping (SINMAP) models have been applied to various landslide management and research studies. Both models combine aExpand
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Impedance influence on the index of sediment connectivity in a forested mountainous catchment
Abstract Because connectivity is a key issue for understanding sediment dynamics in catchments, the index of sediment connectivity (IC) can be an important tool for hydrosedimentological studies. TheExpand
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Debris flow occurrences in Rio dos Cedros, Southern Brazil: meteorological and geomorphic aspects
In Santa Catarina State (Brazil), Rio dos Cedros is one of the cities that suffered from natural disasters triggered by very intense rainfall in November 2008. According to the Municipal CivilExpand
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Critical rainfall to trigger landslides in Cunha River basin, southern Brazil
In 2008, Rio dos Cedros city in Santa Catarina State, Brazil, suffered from numerous landslides. The objective of the present study was, therefore, to apply the slope stability model SHALSTAB to theExpand
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Terminology of natural hazards and disasters: A review and the case of Brazil
Abstract Disaster risk management is a challenging task that depends on the correct use of terms. However, the relevant terminology is not always properly established, especially when imported fromExpand
Soil depth estimation: Part 1 - Field methods