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Structure and activity of proteins from pathogenic fungi Phytophthora eliciting necrosis and acquired resistance in tobacco.
The phytopathogenic fungi Phytophthora cryptogea and Phytophthora capsici cause systemic leaf necrosis on their non-host tobacco; in culture they release proteins, called cryptogein and capsicein,Expand
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Analysis of the essential oil of wild oregano from Martinique (Coleus aromaticus Benth.): evaluation of its bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties
ABSTRACT The secretory elements of the essential oil from Coleus aromaticus from Martinique were observed under the scanning electron microscope. The composition of the oil was analyzed and found toExpand
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Isolation and characterization of a new variant of surfactin, the [Val7]surfactin.
Reinvestigation of surfactin, a previously studied peptidolipid surfactant from Bacillus subtilis, by fast-atom-bombardment mass spectrometry and 1H-NMR spectroscopy, as well as by chemical methods,Expand
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Production, isolation and characterization of [Leu4]- and [Ile4]surfactins from Bacillus subtilis
Bacillus subtilis coproduces several surfactin variants that are powerful biosurfactants and have potential applications in biology and industry. A single amino acid substitution in the heptapeptideExpand
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Structures of bacillomycin D and bacillomycin L peptidolipid antibiotics from Bacillus subtilis.
The complete structures of bacillomycin D and bacillomycin L were revised by FAB mass spectrometry and by Edman degradation of the derivatives resulting from the N-bromosuccinimide reaction. TheExpand
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Interactions of bioactive lipopeptides, iturin A and surfactin from Bacillus subtilis
The antifungal activity of iturin A and its interaction with erythrocyte membranes were enhanced in the presence of surfactin. The modification of the properties of iturin A was explained by theExpand
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Influence of the culture medium on the production of iturin A by Bacillus subtilis.
The production of iturin A by Bacillus subtilis was studied with respect to the composition of the culture medium. Increasing phosphate concentrations did not modify the antibiotic yield. Fructose,Expand
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Analysis of the flanking regions from different haemolysin determinants of Escherichia coli
SummaryThe haemolysin (hly) determinant of the plasmid pHly152 contains an IS2 element at 469 bp upstream of the hlyC gene. The sequence at the other (right-hand) end (RS) also shows multipleExpand
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Comparison of antimicrobial properties of monoterpenes and their carbonylated products.
Some monoterpenes and their carbonylated products were evaluated for their antibacterial and antifungal properties. The carbonylation of tested monoterpenes was shown to increase the bacteriostaticExpand
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Automatic washer disinfector for flexible endoscopes: a new evaluation process.
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS Many automatic washer disinfectors for flexible endoscopes have been marketed and offered as an alternative method of preventing infections, but they are frequentlyExpand
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