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Experimental and computational studies of mixing in complex Stokes flows: the vortex mixing flow and multicellular cavity flows
A complex Stokes flow has several cells, is subject to bifurcation, and its velocity field is, with rare exceptions, only available from numcrical computations. We present experimental andExpand
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Frontiers of chaotic advection
This work reviews the present position of and surveys future perspectives in the physics of chaotic advection: the field that emerged three decades ago at the intersection of fluid mechanics andExpand
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Mixing of granular materials in slowly rotated containers
Noncohesive granular materials in slowly rotated containers mix by discrete avalanches; such a process can be described mathematically as a mapping of avalanching wedges. A natural decomposition isExpand
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Granular Convection and Transport due to Horizontal Shaking
Vibrated horizontally, granular material has different convection patterns from those observed for theequivalent vertical vibration. Among the patterns that develop, above the onset of bulk motion,Expand
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How well do discrete element granular flow models capture the essentials of mixing processes
Abstract Flowing granular materials, undergoing both mixing and segregation, play important roles in industries ranging from minerals and food to pharmaceuticals and ceramics. Sometimes it isExpand
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Toward enhanced subsurface intervention methods using chaotic advection.
Many intervention activities in the terrestrial subsurface involve the need to recover/emplace distributions of scalar quantities (e.g. dissolved phase concentrations or heat) from/in volumes ofExpand
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Lagrangian topology of a periodically reoriented potential flow: symmetry, optimization, and mixing.
Scalar transport in closed potential flows is investigated for the specific case of a periodically reoriented dipole flow. Despite the irrotational nature of the flow, the periodic reorientationsExpand
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Is chaotic advection inherent to porous media flow?
We show that chaotic advection is inherent to flow through all types of porous media, from granular and packed media to fractured and open networks. The basic topological complexity inherent to allExpand
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An experimental and theoretical study of the mixing characteristics of a periodically reoriented irrotational flow
The minimum-energy method to generate chaotic advection should be to use an irrotational flow. However, irrotational flows have no saddle connections to perturb in order to generate chaotic orbits.Expand
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A segregation mechanism in a vertically shaken bed
Abstract Metal disks of different size and density were placed at the bottom of a bed of monodisperse granular material. The system was vibrated sinusoidally in the vertical direction. It wasExpand
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