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Deforestation and plant diversity of Madagascar's littoral forests.
Few studies have attempted to quantify the reduction or document the floristic composition of forests in Madagascar. Thus, we focused specifically on deforestation and plant diversity in Madagascar'sExpand
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The Pollination of Zygogynum (Winteraceae) by a Moth, Sabatinca (Micropterigidae): An Ancient Association?
The primitive and vesselless angiosperm Zygogynum (Winteraceae), which is restricted to New Caledonia, is pollinated by a moth, Sabatinca (Micropterigidae). Fossil records of both the moth and theExpand
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List of plant species identified in the Northern Part of the Lope Reserve, Gabon
Research on lowland gorillas (Gorilla g. gorilla) and chimpanzees (Pan t. troglodytes) began at the 'Station d'Etudes des Gorilles et Chimpanzes’ in the Lope Reserve, central Gabon, in 1983 and isExpand
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One new endemic plant species on average per month in New Caledonia, including eight more new species from Île Art (Belep Islands), a major micro-hotspot in need of protection
The New Caledonian biodiversity hotspot contains many micro-hotspots that exhibit high plant micro-endemism, and that are facing different types and intensities of threats. The Belep archipelago, andExpand
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Hooglandia McPherson & Lowry (Cunoniaceae) is described from New Caledonia and recognized as distinct from other Cunoniaceae on the basis of its unique unicarpellate (or perhaps pseudomonomerous)Expand
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The taxon containing the arborescent species of Ipomoea is heterogeneous as it is presently recognized. A reclassification of the group has resulted in a taxon that can be characterized by severalExpand
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A second species in the endemic New Caledonian genus Gastrolepis (Stemonuraceae) and its implications for the conservation status of high‐altitude maquis vegetation: coherent application of the IUCN
A new species in the previously monotypic, endemic New Caledonian genus Gastrolepis (Stemonuraceae) is described. Gastrolepis alticoladiffers from G. austrocaledonica by its shorter and thickerExpand
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Transfer of Madagascan Glochidion to Phyllanthus (Euphorbiaceae s.l. or Phyllanthaceae)
Seven endemic Madagascan species previously assigned to the genus Glochidion. J. R. & G. Forster by Leandri are re-examined morphologically and found to belong to Phyllanthus L. (Euphorbiaceae s.l.Expand
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Drypetes (Euphorbiaceae) in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands
Une nouvelle espece d'Euphorbiaceae de Mayotte, Drypetes darcyana, est decrite et une cle des Drypetes de Madagascar et des Comores est presentee.
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