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From child to musician: skill development during the beginning stages of learning an instrument
This article reports on a three-year longitudinal study with 157 children in school grades 3 and 4 (aged between 7 and 9 years), who commenced learning an instrument in one of eight school musicExpand
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The Child as Musician: A handbook of musical development
Introduction SECTION 1 - DEVELOPMENT 1. Prenatal development 2. Infants as musical connoisseurs 3. The musical brain 4. What develops in musical development? 5. Musicality SECTION 2 - ENGAGEMENT 6.Expand
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Self-efficacy and music performance
This study is the second in a series of investigations attempting to clarify relationships between variables that impact on a young musician's ability to perform music (as assessed on a graded musicExpand
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The role of parents in children's musical development
A framework for studying parent—child interactions is proposed, based on evidence that parents play a pivotal role in their children's musical development. It is suggested that the goals andExpand
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A Longitudinal Study of Self-regulation in Children's Musical Practice
This study investigates common trends and individual differences in children's practice according to six dimensions of self-regulation. Seven children, aged between 7 and 9 years at the beginning ofExpand
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The Role of Self-Efficacy in a Musical Performance Examination: An Exploratory Structural Equation Analysis
The study reported here investigated cognitive mediational processes in the context of a music performance examination. The prime purpose was to focus on an aspect of musical learning - graded musicExpand
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Motivational and Self-Regulated Learning Components of Musical Practice
A self-report questionnaire was administered to I 90 pianists immediately before they undertook a graded, externally assessed music performance examination in order to examine possible relationshipsExpand
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Music in Our Lives: Rethinking Musical Ability, Development and Identity
1. Frames of reference and the origins of the study 2. Initial music learning and practice 3. Early progress in music performance 4. 'For how long can you expect a child to blow into a French horn?'Expand
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The Contribution of Motivational Factors to Instrumental Performance in a Music Examination
This paper reports on a study with 349 instrumentalists between the ages of 9 and 18 who completed a self-report questionnaire immediately before undertaking an externally assessed music performanceExpand
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