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New measures for characterizing nonlinear viscoelasticity in large amplitude oscillatory shear
Characterizing purely viscous or purely elastic rheological nonlinearities is straightforward using rheometric tests such as steady shear or step strains. However, a definitive framework does notExpand
Elasto-capillary thinning and breakup of model elastic liquids
We study the elasto-capillary self-thinning and ultimate breakup of three polystyrene-based ideal elastic fluids by measuring the evolution in the filament diameter as slender viscoelastic threadsExpand
A review of nonlinear oscillatory shear tests: Analysis and application of large amplitude oscillatory shear (LAOS)
Abstract Dynamic oscillatory shear tests are common in rheology and have been used to investigate a wide range of soft matter and complex fluids including polymer melts and solutions, blockExpand
The inertio-elastic planar entry flow of low-viscosity elastic fluids in micro-fabricated geometries
The non-Newtonian flow of dilute aqueous polyethylene oxide (PEO) solutions through micro-fabricated planar abrupt contraction-expansions is investigated. The small lengthscales and high deformationExpand
The progressive break-up of an initially stable fluid column or thread into a number of smaller droplets is an important dynamical process that impacts many commercial operations from spraying andExpand
Capillary Break-up Rheometry of Low-Viscosity Elastic Fluids
Abstract We investigate the dynamics of the capillary thinning and break-up process for low viscosity elastic fluids such as dilute polymer solutions. Standard measurements of the evolution of theExpand
How to extract the Newtonian viscosity from capillary breakup measurements in a filament rheometer
The liquid filament microrheometer originally described by provides a simple way of extracting material parameters for Newtonian and viscoelastic fluids from measurements of the capillary breakup ofExpand
Drop formation and breakup of low viscosity elastic fluids: Effects of molecular weight and concentration
The dynamics of drop formation and pinch-off have been investigated for a series of low viscosity elastic fluids possessing similar shear viscosities, but differing substantially in elasticExpand
▪ Abstract Filament-stretching rheometers are devices for measuring the extensional viscosity of moderately viscous non-Newtonian fluids such as polymer solutions. In these devices, a cylindricalExpand
Designing Superoleophobic Surfaces
It is shown how a third factor, re-entrant surface curvature, in conjunction with chemical composition and roughened texture, can be used to design surfaces that display extreme resistance to wetting from a number of liquids with low surface tension, including alkanes such as decane and octane. Expand