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Hunter-gatherer variability: Dental wear in South Australia.
Often it is assumed that hunter-gatherer dentitions are dominated by heavy attrition. Recent analyses, however, have shown unexpected variability in the pattern of wear between groups. It had beenExpand
Estimating striae of Retzius periodicity nondestructively using partial counts of perikymata.
Accurate age estimations for enamel formation and the timing of enamel hypoplasia have traditionally only been available through histological analyses of dental thin sections, which is a difficultExpand
Rediscovery of fossils from the Middle Gravels and Lower Loam at Barnfield Pit, Swanscombe, Kent (UK)
Swanscombe is the most important early human fossil site in the UK, and one of the richest locations for Middle Pleistocene fauna. Famed for three 400,000-year-old hominin skull fragments recoveredExpand
Multi-species Perspectives on Anthropogenic Environments: Dental Pathology Patterns, Marquesas Islands (Polynesia)
ABSTRACT We undertake a multi-species comparison to investigate prehistoric human-animal interactions and changing environmental conditions, both natural and anthropogenic in origin. The differingExpand
An inconstant biorhythm: The changing pace of Retzius periodicity in human permanent teeth.
OBJECTIVES Human tooth enamel retains evidence of growth in the form of Retzius lines. The number of daily growth increments between the regularly occurring lines defines their repeat interval, orExpand