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Moral maturity and autonomy: appreciating the significance of Lawrence Kolhberg's Just Community
Lawrence Kohlberg's Just Community program of moral education has conceptual significance to his theoretical work in the field of moral development. This argument contends that a perspectiveExpand
Teaching Practitioners about Theory and Practice: A Proposal to Recover Aristotle in Teacher Education
Introduction Discussion of theory-practice relationships is an important part of teaching and teacher education. It is especially germane in response to the inevitable concerns that practitioners (1)Expand
What would Socrates do? An exploratory study of methods, materials and pedagogies in high school philosophy
For over half a century, North American philosophers and teachers have been interested in introducing philosophy courses at the high school level. In 1995, such a course was introduced into theExpand
The Inadequacies of Assigning "My Philosophy of Education" Statements in Teacher Education Courses.
In teacher education programs, there is a prevalent belief that having teacher candidates compose personalized ‘my philosophy of education’ (MPE) statements is a valuable exercise that prepares themExpand
Why dissent is a vital concept in moral education
Moral education is concerned with depolarising the tension between loyalty and sedition, but little work has been done in the field to describe and map the territory between these poles. This paperExpand
What Is Assumed about a Catholic Student's Ecclesial Agency, and Why It Matters to Catholic Schooling.
This paper shows that a lack of explicit and clearly stated intentions regarding the development of Catholic students’ ecclesial agency through their schooling leads to potential problems as theyExpand
High school philosophy teachers’ use of textbooks: Critical thinking or teaching to the text?
Ontario is the only North American, English-speaking jurisdiction to include philosophy in secondary schools. In this first study to examine Ontario high school philosophy courses, we investigatedExpand
Discipline, Devotion, and Dissent
Catholic schooling, the concept of laity, and the future church
Abstract The Catholic laity currently faces some concerns that are of importance to its future. The current decline and ageing of clergy affects the availability of sacraments and leadership.Expand