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Cerebral cystine uptake: a tale of two transporters.
  • G. McBean
  • Biology
    Trends in pharmacological sciences
  • 1 July 2002
Redox control of microglial function: molecular mechanisms and functional significance.
This review should provide a profound insight into the role of redox homeostasis in microglial activity and help in the identification of new promising targets to control neuroinflammation through redox control of the brain.
The transsulfuration pathway: a source of cysteine for glutathione in astrocytes
The purpose of this review is to evaluate the importance of the transsulfuration pathway in astrocytes, particularly in the context of a reserve pathway that channels methionine towards cysteine when the demand for glutathione is high, or under conditions in which the supply of cystine by the xc− exchanger may be compromised.
NADPH oxidases in oxidant production by microglia: activating receptors, pharmacology and association with disease
The degree to which excessive, badly timed or misplaced NOX activation in microglia may affect neuronal homeostasis in physiological or pathological conditions certainly merits further investigation.
Cysteine, Glutathione, and Thiol Redox Balance in Astrocytes
  • G. McBean
  • Biology, Chemistry
  • 3 August 2017
This review discusses the current understanding of cysteine and glutathione redox balance in astrocytes. Particular emphasis is placed on the impact of oxidative stress and astrocyte activation on
Inhibition of the glutamate transporter and glial enzymes in rat striatum by the gliotoxin, ocaminoadipate
  • G. McBean
  • Biology, Chemistry
    British journal of pharmacology
  • 1 October 1994
1 The effect of the gliotoxic analogue of glutamate, ocaminoadipate, on the high affinity transport of D‐[3H]‐aspartate into a crude striatal P2 preparation, and on the activity of two enzymes of