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Paleogene Fossil Birds
Diversification of Neoaves: integration of molecular sequence data and fossils
Patterns of diversification and timing of evolution within Neoaves, which includes almost 95% of all bird species, are virtually unknown. On the other hand, molecular data consistently indicate aExpand
A Well-Preserved Archaeopteryx Specimen with Theropod Features
A nearly complete skeleton of Archaeopteryx with excellent bone preservation shows that the osteology of the urvogel is similar to that of nonavian theropod dinosaurs. The new specimen confirms theExpand
The deep divergences of neornithine birds: a phylogenetic analysis of morphological characters
Consensus is elusive regarding the phylogenetic relationships among neornithine (crown clade) birds. The ongoing debate over their deep divergences is despite recent increases in available molecularExpand
The Paleogene fossil record of birds in Europe
  • G. Mayr
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical…
  • 1 November 2005
The Paleogene (Paleocene‐Oligocene) fossil record of birds in Europe is reviewed and recent and fossil taxa are placed into a phylogenetic framework, based on published cladistic analyses. TheExpand
The tenth skeletal specimen of Archaeopteryx
We describe the tenth skeletal specimen of the Upper Jurassic Archaeopterygidae. The almost complete and well-preserved skeleton is assigned to Archaeopteryx siemensii Dames, 1897 and providesExpand
Old World Fossil Record of Modern-Type Hummingbirds
  • G. Mayr
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Science
  • 7 May 2004
I report on tiny skeletons of stem-group hummingbirds from the early Oligocene of Germany that are of essentially modern appearance and exhibit morphological specializations toward nectarivory andExpand
Waves of genomic hitchhikers shed light on the evolution of gamebirds (Aves: Galliformes)
BackgroundThe phylogenetic tree of Galliformes (gamebirds, including megapodes, currassows, guinea fowl, New and Old World quails, chicken, pheasants, grouse, and turkeys) has been considerablyExpand
Phylogenetic affinities of the enigmatic avian taxon zygodactylus based on new material from the early oligocene of France
Synopsis Until now, the avian taxon Zygodactylus has been known only from distal tibiotarsi and tarsometatarsi from the early Miocene of Europe. Although the tarsometatarsus exhibits derivedExpand
Avian Evolution: The Fossil Record of Birds and its Paleobiological Significance
Knowledge of the evolutionary history of birds has much improved in recent decades. Fossils from critical time periods are being described at unprecedented rates and modern phylogenetic analyses haveExpand