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The Relative Behavior of Shear Velocity, Bulk Sound Speed, and Compressional Velocity in the Mantle: Implications for Chemical and Thermal Structure
Despite immense progress in imaging seismic velocity anomalies in the mantle over the past 15 years, we still know relatively little about their physical cause. One way to shed some light on thisExpand
Finite-Frequency Tomography Reveals a Variety of Plumes in the Mantle
We present tomographic evidence for the existence of deep-mantle thermal convection plumes. P-wave velocity images show at least six well-resolved plumes that extend into the lowermost mantle:Expand
A catalogue of deep mantle plumes: New results from finite‐frequency tomography
[1] New finite-frequency tomographic images of S-wave velocity confirm the existence of deep mantle plumes below a large number of known hot spots. We compare S-anomaly images with an updatedExpand
Shear and compressional velocity models of the mantle from cluster analysis of long‐period waveforms
SUMMARY We present a new technique for the efficient measurement of the traveltimes of long period body wave phases. The technique is based on the fact that all arrivals of a particular seismic phaseExpand
On the resolution of density within the Earth
Roughly 30 years have passed since the last publication of a linear resolution calculation of density inside the Earth. Since that time, the data set of free oscillation degnerate frequencies hasExpand
Can the Earth's dynamo run on heat alone?
SUMMARY The power required to drive the geodynamo places significant constraints on the heat passing across the core‐mantle boundary and the Earth’s thermal history. Calculations to date have beenExpand
Gross thermodynamics of two-component core convection
We model the inner core by an alloy of iron and 8 per cent sulphur or silicon and the outer core by the same mix with an additional 8 per cent oxygen. This composition matches the densities ofExpand
Constraints on global phase velocity maps from long-period polarization data
Global phase velocity maps of long-period surface waves are an essential ingredient in modeling 3-D shear wave velocity and are capable of particularly good lateral resolution of upper mantleExpand