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Linear Series on 4 – Gonal Curves
Let C be the general 4 – gonal curve of genus g > 6. We investigate the complete linear series on C and the varieties Wrd(C), and we study the birational models of C in ℙr (r ≥ 2) of minimal degree.
Secant spaces and Clifford's theorem
The gonality of curves on a Hirzebruch surface
Primitive linear series on curves
In this paper we study a new numerical invariant ℓ of curvesC which is related to the primitive linear series onC. (Primitive series—defined below—are the essential complete and special linear seriesExpand
Linear series on a general k-gonal curve
This paper is a contribution towards a Brill-Noether theory for the moduli space of smooth &-gonal curves of genusg. Specifically, we prove the existence of certain special divisors on aExpand
On curves with all Weierstrass points of maximal weight
In this note we show that the few known examples of non-hyperelliptic complex algebraic curves all of whose Weierstrass points have maximal weight are the only ones.
On a result of Farkas.