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Psychotropic actions of BW 234U in the treatment of inpatient schizophrenics: A dose‐range study
In a 28‐day, dose‐range study, 11 chronic schizophrenic inpatients newly admitted to the hospital with acute exacerbations were administered a new antipsychotic, BW 234U, in daily doses ranging fromExpand
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Relationships between post-traumatic stress disorder and panic disorder : concurrent psychiatric illness, effects of lactate infusions, and erythrocyte lactate production
Les auteurs tentent de definir les rapports entre la panique et le syndrome de stress post-traumatique en testant chez des anciens combattants du Vietnam et chez des civils presentant ce syndrome,Expand
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EEG during combined administration of lithium and neuroleptics
Some investigators have indicated the clinical usefulness of EEG monitoring during treatment with lithium‐neuroleptic combination. Nine patients who were maintained on this combined therapy, wereExpand
Double‐blind placebo‐controlled study of the autonomic effects of clovoxamine, imipramine, and amitriptyline in normal volunteers
The autonomic effects of clovoxamine, a possible new antidepressant, were compared with placebo, imipramine, and amitriptyline in a double‐blind, repeated‐measures, latin‐square study design, usingExpand