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Bioactive potency of epidermal mucus extracts from greasy grouper, Epinephelus tauvina (Forsskal, 1775)
The whole mucus could be a promising source with numerous bioactive- potency and preliminary information suggested that mucus is a source of novel antimicrobial agents for fish and human health related applications.
Prevalence of iodine deficiency among multinodular goiter patients: a South Indian study
The high prevalence of multinodular goiter cases in Kerala cannot be sited per se as due to iodine deficiency as only 2% of the total number of cases studied had low urine iodine levels, raising a question whether the salt iodization programme needs to be re-analyzed and possibly re-structured.
Diversity, phylogeny, and DNA barcoding of brachyuran crabs in mangrove environments created artificially
Using the array of diversity and species estimator indices, useful data on brachyuran crab diversity associated with artificially created mangrove ecosystem is presented, which will be useful for marine policy makers, coastal ecosystem designers and climate researchers.
Diversity, phylogeny and DNA barcoding of brachyuran crabs in artificially created mangrove environments
Analysis of DNA barcoding indicates that 40% of the brachyuran species gathered in this sample were first barcoded, indicating that the advent of new high-throughput sequencing technologies will change biomonitoring applications and surveys drastically in the near future, making reference datasets like the authors' relevant.
Gastrointestinal perforations: a tertiary care center experience
Atraumatic perforation was found to predominate over traumatic perforations among patients undergoing treatment at a tertiary care centre and can be ensured only by timely arrival of the patients to hospital and subsequently by early intervention.
Strengthening of marine amphipod DNA barcode libraries for environmental monitoring
With the advent of next generation sequencing technologies, reference datasets like the authors' will become important for health evaluation and monitoring of different environments using amphipod barcodes, and it is shown that defining family specific species threshold values would be imperative.
Occurrence of violet vinegar crab Episesarma versicolor Tweedie, 1940 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura) in mangroves of Pichavaram and Vellar, Tamil Nadu
During the present study on the diversity of brachyuran crabs from the mangroves of Pichavaram and Vellar, five male specimens of a sesarmid crab having stunning blend of violet and white pincers