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The date of publication of “The non-marine molluscs of the Maltese Islands”.
The Maltese archipelago, occupying an area of c.316 km and situated in the central Mediterranean, consists of the inhabited islands of Malta and Gozo and a number of uninhabited islets and rocks. TheExpand
A molecular approach to the phylogenetic relationships of the western palaearctic Helicoidea (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora)
The reconstructed phylogenies showed a good degree of support for more recent branches, but gave little support to deeper nodes, and support was not found for the monophyly of helicelline hygromiids with pedal penial innervation. Expand
Stable isotope composition of Late Pleistocene-Holocene Eobania vermiculata (Müller, 1774) (Pulmonata, Stylommatophora) shells from the Central Mediterranean basin: Data from Grotta d'Oriente
Abstract This paper presents stable isotopic results (oxygen and carbon) from both modern and Late Pleistocene-Holocene shells of the land snail Eobania vermiculata (Muller, 1774) from FavignanaExpand
Stable isotope composition of Helix ligata (Müller, 1774) from Late Pleistocene–Holocene archaeological record from Grotta della Serratura (Southern Italy): Palaeoclimatic implications
Abstract Carbon and oxygen isotope ratios were measured in fossil and recent shells of the land snail Helix ligata . Fossil shells were recovered from the archaeological excavations of Grotta dellaExpand
Stable isotope composition of Late Glacial land snail shells from Grotta del Romito (Southern Italy): Palaeoclimatic implications
Abstract Stable isotope composition of living and fossil land snail shells was determined at Grotta del Romito (Southern Italy) with the aim to reconstruct environmental and climatic variation in theExpand
Phylogeography and morphological variability in land snails: the Sicilian Marmorana (Pulmonata, Helicidae)
The progressive decline in mitochondrial DNA sequence similarity over a distance of 250 km is consistent with a model of isolation by distance, a pattern previously recognized for other groups of land snails. Expand
A question of time: the land snail Murella muralis (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) reveals constraints on past ecological speciation
This study quantified variation on a fine geographical scale analysing morphological and genetic data sets coupled with environmental data in the land snail Murella muralis, endemic to the Mediterranean island of Sicily, and suggested that time and palaeogeographical history acted as constraints in the progress along the ecological speciation continuum. Expand