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Recognizing: The judgment of previous occurrence.
Several suggestions for a class of theories of recognition memory have been proposed during the past decade. These models address predictions about judgments of prior occurrence of an event, not theExpand
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Mind and Emotion
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Activation makes words more accessible, but not necessarily more retrievable.
Three experiments compared different memory tests for words that were studied under either semantic or nonsemantic processing conditions. When the tests required the completion of the initial lettersExpand
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Mind and Body: Psychology of Emotion and Stress
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Out of one’s mind: A study of involuntary semantic memories
The study of memories that pop into one's mind without any conscious attempt to retrieve them began only recently. While there are some studies on involuntary autobiographical memories (e.g., )Expand
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The psychology of facial expression: Frontmatter
Part I. Introduction: 1. What does a facial expression mean? James A. Russell and Jose-Miguel Fernandez-Dols 2. Methods for the study of facial behavior Hugh Wagner Part II. Three Broad TheoreticalExpand
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Cognitive Psychology: An Essay in Cognitive Science
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Thinking: From Association To Gestalt
The authors have concentrated on the traditional historical line of the history of psychology. They have emphasized first the relative sophistication of early associationism and second, the WurzburgExpand
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