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Design and implementation of a Bluetooth ad hoc network for indoor positioning
The authors present the design and implementation of a scalable architecture for indoor positioning based on Bluetooth sensors, which calculates distance from sensors using inquiry reports issued at different cyclic power levels and collects data sent through an ad hoc network formed by the sensors themselves. Expand
Integrating a Location-Based Mobile Game in the Museum Visit
The conceptual framework; the design principles; and the evaluation results of “Gossip at palace,” a location-based mobile game integrating a storytelling approach are presented, developed for an Italian historical residence to communicate its 18th-century history to teenagers. Expand
JThreadSpy: teaching multithreading programming by analyzing execution traces
JThreadSpy is a tool for dynamic instrumentation of Java programs, aimed at registering execution traces of each thread and displaying them with a selectable level of detail, and proved to be a valuable tool for students engaged in an object-oriented programming course at Politecnico di Torino. Expand
JDII: Parsing Italian with a Robust Constraint Grammar
This paper presents a system able to retrieve and signal syntactic errors in real italian texts and describes how this system could be used to improve the quality of teaching and learning in italian. Expand
MusA: Using Indoor Positioning and Navigation to Enhance Cultural Experiences in a Museum
Museum Assistant is presented, a general framework for the development of multimedia interactive guides for mobile devices that allows the provision of several LBS, from way-finding to the contextualized communication of cultural contents, aimed at providing a meaningful exploration of exhibits according to visitors' personal interest and curiosity. Expand
Pandora: a Temporal Logic Based Process Engine
  • P. Lago, G. Malnati
  • Computer Science
  • ICLP Workshop: Applications of Logic Programming…
  • 1994
Intrigue at the Museum: Facilitating Engagement and Learning through a Location-based Mobile Game
The use of portable devices to explore informal learning environments has recently exposed museums to a mobile learning (m-learning) scenario. In particular, location-based mobile applications thatExpand
JThreadSpy: A Tool for Improving the Effectiveness of Concurrent System Teaching and Learning
JThreadSpy is an educational tool that collects execution traces and displays them with a selectable level of detail using an augmented UML sequence diagram, thus providing a synoptic representation of the execution. Expand
Blockchain-based Mobility Verification of Connected Cars
This work implements a proof-of-concept of an architecture in which each car generates and sends reports including the messages received from its neighbors to the access network infrastructure, and investigates the scalability of the solution in terms of resource consumption in a MEC system. Expand
Exploring the values of writing collaboratively through a digital storytelling platform: a mixed-methods analysis of users’ participation, perspectives and practices
This article shows that the use of a DST tool in the teaching practice can have positive effects on students, including the ones that usually manifest moderate scores for the previously mentioned dimensions. Expand