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The Rise of Humanism in Classical Islam and the Christian West: With Special Reference to Scholasticism
Scholasticism typology of Arab institutions humanism in the organization of knowledge major fields of humanism the methodology of learning the humanist community classical Islam and the ChristianExpand
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Scholasticism and Humanism in Classical Islam and the Christian West
HISTORY IS, AMONG OTHER THINGS, A SEARCH FOR ORIGINS. It helps us to understand our religious, cultural and intellectual heritage. In so far as we are Christians we know that our religious origins goExpand
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Religion, law, and learning in classical Islam
Contents: Foreword Asha "ari and the Asha "arites in Islamic religious history The judicial theology of Shafia "i: origins and significance of usul al-fiqh Al-Ghazali disciple de Shafia "i en droitExpand
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The Significance of the Sunni Schools of Law in Islamic Religious History
One of the more interesting phenomena in Islamic religious history is the development of the schools of law. This phenomenon has seldom failed to arouse ourinterest, though it has consistently eludedExpand
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Madrasa and university in the middle ages
In a paper delivered at the University of California, Los Angeles, on the occasion of the Second Conference for Islamic Studies (1), I spoke on the subject of "Law and Traditionalism in theExpand
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The Scholastic Method in Medieval Education: An Inquiry into Its Origins in Law and Theology
In all fields, from all points of view, the high Middle Ages from the foundation of Constantinople in the fourth century, down to the great movement of the Crusades from the eleventh century onwardsExpand
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The Diary in Islamic Historiography: Some Notes
In the Western world, the earliest extant diary is the anonymous French Journal d'un bourgeois de Paris de 1405 a 1449.1 The earliest extant diary in English is dated 1442.2 No previous diaries areExpand
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