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Experimental hypothermia and rewarming in the dog; recovery after severe reduction in body temperature.
Relative hypotensive activity of certain veratrum alkaloids.
Dose-response curves are presented which suggest identity of mechanism of hypotensive action of protoveratrine, of veratridine and of mixtures of ester alkaloids. Expand
The site of cardiovascular action of veratrum derivatives.
It was found that Veriloid, protoveratrine, veratridine and veratramine when confined to the head of the dog with carotids innervated and vagi intact produced only hypotension without alteration of heart rate, and the central action appears on present data to be more important. Expand
PHARMACOLOGY of reserpine.
Veriloid, a New Hypotensive Extract of Veratrum Viride.∗
Results suggest that the hypotensive action of the extract deserves trial in the treatment of human hypertension, and methods for biological control of potency have been developed. Expand