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Seed lipases: sources, applications and properties - a review
The applications of lipases in food, detergents, oils and fats, medicines and fine chemistry, effluent treatment, biodiesel production and in the cellulose pulp industry, as well as the main sources of oilseed and cereal seed lipases are reviewed.
Tannase production by Paecilomyces variotii.
A rapid screening method for cutinase producing microorganisms
The objective of this work was to isolate microorganisms from plants and perform a pre-selection of molds showing esterase producing ability, and the mold strain selected as the best cutinase producer was identified as being Fusarium oxysporium.
Effects of temperature, pH and additives on the activity of tannase produced by Paecilomyces variotii
A biochemical characterization of the tannase from a Paecilomyces variotii strain isolated in Sao Paulo, Brazil was carried out and K m was found to be 0.61 µmol and V max = 0.55 U/mL; it could find potential use in the food-processing industry.
Fermentation and enzyme treatments for sorghum
Three treatments have shown effective on diminishing tannin and phytate contents in sorghum flour which leads us to affirm that the proposed treatments can be used to increase the nutritive value of Sorghum grains destined for either animal feeds or human nutrition.
Enzymes in juice processing: a review
Summary The use of enzymes in juice industry has contributed in increasing the yield and production of various types of juices. The addition pectinases aims in particular to degrade the pectic