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Fish oil replacement in finfish nutrition
Unsustainable fishing practices have placed a heavy emphasis on aquaculture to meet the global shortfalls in the supply of fish and seafood, which are commonly accepted as the primary source ofExpand
Effects of alternative dietary lipid sources on performance, tissue chemical composition, mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation capabilities and sensory characteristics in brown trout (Salmo trutta L.)
The efficiency of five dietary lipid sources (fish oil as control—C; canola oil—CO; poultry fat—PF; pork lard—PL; and oleine oil—OO) were evaluated in juvenile brown trout (58.4±0.7 g) in anExpand
Fish oil replacement and alternative lipid sources in aquaculture feeds
Fish Oils in Aquaculture: In Retrospect Sena S. De Silva, David S. Francis, and Albert G. J. Tacon Lipids in Aquafeeds J. Gordon Bell and Wolfgang Koppe The World's Oils and Fats Frank D. GunstoneExpand
Responsible Aquaculture and Trophic Level Implications to Global Fish Supply
Hunger and malnutrition remain among the most devastating problems facing the world's poor and needy, and continue to dominate the health and well-being of the world's poorest nations. Moreover,Expand
The Health Benefit of Seafood
Due to the continuous demand on the part of consumers for high-quality healthy food, primary animal production systems are trying to reduce the impact of some risk factors on human health. TheExpand
Algae in Fish Feed: Performances and Fatty Acid Metabolism in Juvenile Atlantic Salmon
Algae are at the base of the aquatic food chain, producing the food resources that fish are adapted to consume. Previous studies have proven that the inclusion of small amounts (<10% of the diet) ofExpand
Estimation of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Effluent from the Striped Catfish Farming Sector in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
In this study an attempt is made to estimate nitrogen and phosphorus discharged to the environment from the striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) farming sector in the Mekong DeltaExpand
Traceability Issues in Fishery and Aquaculture Products
Nowadays availability and international trade of fish and seafood are strongly influenced by food safety norms. Several European Directives have introduced safety standards into the chain forExpand
Towards Understanding the Impacts of the Pet Food Industry on World Fish and Seafood Supplies
The status of wild capture fisheries has induced many fisheries and conservation scientists to express concerns about the concept of using forage fish after reduction to fishmeal and fish oil, asExpand
Effects of dietary lipid source on fillet chemical composition, flavour volatile compounds and sensory characteristics in the freshwater fish tench (Tinca tinca L.)
In this study the effects of soybean and linseed oils on chemical and sensory characteristics of fillets were evaluated in the freshwater fish tench ( Tinca tinca L. ). Five experimental diets,Expand