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GLMM Applied on the Spatial Distribution of Koalas in a Fragmented Landscape
Predicting the spatial distribution of wildlife populations is an important component of the development of management strategies for their conservation. Landscape structure and composition areExpand
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Canonical correspondence analysis of lowland pasture vegetation in the humid tropics of Mexico
The aim of this chapter is to provide an application of canonical correspondence analysis (CCA), and we will use a lowland tropical vegetation data set. It should be noted that the aim is not toExpand
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An alternative method for the alignment of molecular structures: Maximizing electrostatic and steric overlap
The SEAL method has been developed which will optimize the alignment of two three-dimensional structures using their atomic partial charges and steric volumes as factors. Expand
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Into Cerberus' Lair: Bringing the Idea of Security to Light 1
Using the motif of Cerberus, the three-headed monster watchdog of Hades, this article attempts to bring ‘security’ to light. Specifically, it addresses two related questions. The primary question is:Expand
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Friendship and Politics
Over the past two decades interest in ‘friendship’ shown by scholars of politics has been intensifying. This review highlights some of this literature and research. The first section sets the sceneExpand
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Friendship and the world of states
What contribution can a theorization of friendship offer to the understanding of the world of states? It is argued here that the contemporary view of friendship eclipses a longer and broaderExpand
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Friendship and the Political: Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Schmitt
Friendship and the Political: Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Schmitt This book reappraises the idea of friendship in contemporary political thought. Understood as a way of locating and theorising the bondsExpand
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Towards global relational theorizing: a dialogue between Sinophone and Anglophone scholarship on relationalism
Abstract What is ‘relational theorizing’ in International Relations and what can it offer? This article introduces a thematic section that responds to these questions by showing two things. First,Expand
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South-east Queensland Forests Agreement: conservation outcomes for forest fauna
South-east Queensland (SEQ) was the target of 1 of 10 joint Commonwealth-State Governments comprehensive regional assessments (CRAs) conducted in preparation for Regional Forests Agreements (RFAs) inExpand
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