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Psychometric properties of Young's Internet Addiction Test (IAT) in Urdu language.
Internet Addiction Disorder is characterized by excessive or poorly controlled obsessions, cravings, or manners regarding Internet use that lead to real life conflicts. In this study assessedExpand
Understanding the semantics of Chichewa proverbs in the light of contemporary philosophy of language
The article investigates the semantics of Chichewa proverbs based on insights from the contemporary philosophy of language. The basic argument is that a proverb is a special type of sentence/speechExpand
Theoretical Conceptualization of Capitalism and Freedom
The chapter develops theoretical issues around capitalism and freedom. It argues that there are three fundamental Western perspectives are influencing African views, namely, the Marxist-ConflictExpand
Primitive Accumulation Crisis in the Modern African Capitalism
This chapter investigates various problems that are linked with the development of modern capitalism, such as corruption, fraud, and bribery. It uses Marx’s idea that the initial development ofExpand
Neo-African Renaissance as a Response to Neo-Capitalism
The chapter investigates the neo-African renaissance as a response to neo-capitalism, which has dominated the political system in modern-day Africa. It is argued by different Heads of States such asExpand
Sovereignty and Political Freedom Conflict Between African Communitarianism and Capitalism
The chapter studies some selected conflicts between African communitarian principles and neo-capitalist principles as applied by African governments and Western governments, respectively. One of theExpand
Cannabis Use and Addiction in African Communities; a Value or a Vice?
This chapter investigates cannabis use and addiction in African from a perspective of value and vice/illegality. Studies show that over 7.7% of adults consume cannabis and around 25% of the world’sExpand