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Evolution of Large Silicic Magma Systems: New U-Pb Zircon Data on the NW Permian Athesian Volcanic Group (Southern Alps, Italy)
During the Permian, the Southern Alps were affected by prominent igneous activity that produced voluminous basic to acidic volcanic and plutonic rocks. The magmatism originated during a period inExpand
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Zircon and titanite recording 1.5 million years of magma accretion, crystallization and initial cooling in a composite pluton (southern Adamello batholith, northern Italy)
Abstract The southern part of the Adamello batholith (the so-called “Re di Castello unit”) is an example of a composite pluton, ranging from gabbro to granodiorite in composition. U–Pb dating ofExpand
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Origin and significance of the Permian high-K calc-alkaline magmatism in the central-eastern Southern Alps, Italy
Abstract The Atesina Volcanic District, the Monte Luco volcanics, and the Cima d'Asta, Bressanone-Chiusa, Ivigna, Monte Croce and Monte Sabion intrusions, in the central-eastern Southern Alps, form aExpand
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Petrogenesis of contrasting hercynian granitoids from the Calabrian Arc, southern Italy
Abstract The granitoids of the southern Calabrian Arc have been investigated for whole-rock and phase chemistry, zircon typology, REE, Sr and Nd isotopes. Two distinct granitoid associations, whichExpand
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Natural radionuclides content and radiological hazard of commercial ornamental stones: An integrated radiometric and mineralogical-petrographic study
Abstract Twenty samples of natural building materials commonly employed as ornamental stones in the international market have been investigated for natural radioactivity. External (gamma), as definedExpand
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Relationships between intermediate and acidic rocks in orogenic granitoid suites: petrological, geochemical and isotopic (Sr, Nd, Pb) data from Capo Vaticano (southern Calabria, Italy)
Abstract Major, trace element and isotopic data are reported for Hercynian granodiorites and tonalites from Capo Vaticano, Calabria, with the aim of clarifying the relationships between acidic andExpand
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The evolution of a calc-alkaline basic to silicic magma system: Geochemical and Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, and isotopic evidence from the Late Hercynian Atesina-Cima d'Asta volcano-plutonic complex, northern Italy
Abstract Geochemical and Sr-Nd-O isotopic data presented for basaltic andesitic to rhyolitic and for quartz noritic to monzogranitic rock suites from the Late Hercynian calc-alkaline Atesina volcanicExpand
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