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The new element 112
The new element 112 was produced and identified unambiguously in an experiment at SHIP, GSI Darmstadt. Two decay chains of the isotope277112 were observed in irradiations of208Pb targets with70ZnExpand
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Nuclear radii of 17,19B and 14Be
Abstract The interaction cross sections ( σ I ) of light radioactive nuclei close to the neutron drip line ( 17,19 B, 14 Be) have been measured at around 800 A MeV. The effective root-mean-squareExpand
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Nuclear Matter Distributions in 6 He and 8 He from Small Angle p-He Scattering in Inverse Kinematics at Intermediate Energy
Differential cross sections for p- ${}^{6}\mathrm{He}$ and p- ${}^{8}\mathrm{He}$ elastic scattering have been measured in inverse kinematics at small momentum transfers up toExpand
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Shell structure of the near-dripline nucleus 23O.
Breakup reactions were used to study the ground-state configuration of the neutron-rich isotope 23O. The 22O fragments produced in one-nucleon removal from 23O at 938 MeV/nucleon in a carbon targetExpand
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Direct observation of long-lived isomers in 212Bi.
Long-lived isomers in (212)Bi have been studied following (238)U projectile fragmentation at 670 MeV per nucleon. The fragmentation products were injected as highly charged ions into a storage ring,Expand
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The new element 111
The new element 111 was produced and unambiguously identified in an experiment at SHIP, GSI Darmstadt. Three nuclei of the isotope272111 were observed in irradiations of209Bi targets with64NiExpand
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Production cross-sections of light neutron-rich nuclei from Ar fragmentation at about 1 GeV/nucleon
Abstract Using a primary beam of 40 Ar at ∼1A GeV impinging on a Be target, the production cross-sections of light neutron-rich fragments from projectile fragmentation were measured at theExpand
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Review of even element super-heavy nuclei and search for element 120
Abstract.The reaction 54Cr$ + $248Cm was investigated at the velocity filter SHIP at GSI, Darmstadt, with the intention to study production and decay properties of isotopes of element 120. ThreeExpand
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Measurement of the beta+ and orbital electron-capture decay rates in fully ionized, hydrogenlike, and heliumlike 140Pr ions.
We report on the first measurement of the beta+ and orbital electron-capture decay rates of 140Pr nuclei with the simplest electron configurations: bare nuclei, hydrogenlike, and heliumlike ions. TheExpand
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MOCADI, a universal Monte Carlo code for the transport of heavy ions through matter within ion-optical systems
Abstract A precise knowledge of the atomic and nuclear interactions of ions penetrating through matter placed within ion-optical systems is important for experiments with energetic secondary nuclearExpand
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