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Optimality, markedness, and word order in German
Abstract The main goal of this article is to develop an approach to free-word-order structures in German that reconciles the findings of two different lines of research: competition-based models that
Ergatives Move Too Early: On an Instance of Opacity in Syntax
In this paper we examine the ban on ¯ A-movement of the external argument of a transitive verb that holds in many morphologically ergative languages. We argue that the prohibition against movement of
Improper movement and unambiguous binding
Les auteurs proposent une theorie modulaire du mouvement en comparant le mouvement WH et la topicalisation dans differentes langues : Allemand, Russe, Anglais, Bulgare, Coreen.
Incomplete category fronting : a derivational approach to remnant movement in German
This paper presents a meta-thesis on the basis of movement theory and experimental data that shows clear patterns in the response of the immune system to fluctuations in temperature and direction.
Incomplete category fronting
It is a well-known characteristic of German syntax that “incomplete” or “partial” constituents can be fronted and considered involving topicalization of a verbal category.
Constraints on Displacement: A phase-based approach
This monograph sets out to derive the effects of standard constraints on displacement from more basic principles in a minimalist approach, and provides new arguments for a strictly derivational organization of syntax.
On Deriving CED Effects from the PIC
This article shows that a version of the Condition on Extraction Domain can be derived from the Phase Impenetrability Condition (PIC) if the following assumptions are made: all syntactic operations are driven by features of lexical items.
Pro-Drop and Impoverishment
It is often assumed that some notion of morphological richness plays a central role in the theory of pro-drop: In languages with sufficiently rich verbal φ-feature (person, number, gender) agreement
Optionality in optimality-theoretic syntax
L'existence de l'optionalite, une situation dans laquelle plus d'un gagnant apparait dans un ensemble de candidats, pose un probleme pour la syntaxe basee sur la theorie de l'optimalite. Ce probleme