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Gene expression induced by Toll-like receptors in macrophages requires the transcription factor NFAT5
NFAT5 regulates the induction of TLR-stimulated genes with constitutive binding to the Tnf promoter regardless of TLR ligation and recruitment to Nos2 and Il6 dependent on TLR activation and IKKb.
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Two novel POLG mutations causing hepatic mitochondrial DNA depletion with recurrent hypoketotic hypoglycaemia and fatal liver dysfunction.
BACKGROUND Inherited mtDNA depletion syndromes (MDS) are a group of severe mitochondrial disorders resulting from defects in nucleus-encoded factors and often associated with severe or fatal liverExpand
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matchSCore: Matching Single-Cell Phenotypes Across Tools and Experiments
Single-cell transcriptomics allows the identification of cellular types, subtypes and states through cell clustering. In this process, similar cells are grouped before determining co-expressed markerExpand
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EIS study on the corrosion performance of a Cr(III)-based conversion coating on zinc galvanized steel for the automotive industry
The corrosion performance of a new industrial Cr(III)-based conversion coating on zinc galvanized FeP04 steel for the automotive industry was studied. For comparison, the zinc galvanized steelExpand
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Immunoreactivity of chimeric proteins carrying the HIV-1 epitope IGPGRAF: Correlation between predicted conformation and antigenicity (FEBS 14585) S.G. Tisminetzky, E.A. Scodeller, P Evangelisti, Y.Expand
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Evaluation of the protective effectiveness of Cr(III)-based passivation treatments, on galvanized steel sheets for automotive applications
Corrosion Resistance of Zinc Alloy Coatings
Valutazione dell’efficacia protettiva di trattamenti di passivazione a base Cr(III) condotti su acciai zincati per impieghi in campo automobilistico
Due diversi trattamenti di passivazione entrambi a base di cromo trivalente sono stati applicati su acciai non legati utilizzati in campo automobilistico, zincati per via galvanica. Sono stateExpand