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Effects of stress hyperglycemia on acute myocardial infarction: role of inflammatory immune process in functional cardiac outcome.
An increased inflammatory immune process seems a likely mechanism linking acute hyperglycemia to poor cardiac outcome in MI patients. Expand
Primary cardiac T-cell lymphoma
A case of PCL of T-cell origin in an adult immunocompetent patient is described, the second reported in the literature to the best of the authors' knowledge, and a brief overview of the features of previously published PCL cases is provided. Expand
Functional characteristics of cord blood T lymphocytes after lectin and anti-CD3 stimulation
Cord blood T cells differ significantly both in surface phenotype and function from adult T cells, and these cells expressed activation molecules, such as HLA-DR antigens and the receptor for interleukin-2 and transferrin, which suggest a relative immaturity of the immune system early after birth. Expand
Behavior of Circulating CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cells in Colon Cancer Patients Undergoing Surgery
It is suggested that cancer itself may be able to drive Treg recruitment as a strategy of immunoevasion in patients with advanced colon cancer. Expand
Cytotoxic and immunotoxic effects of Fusarium mycotoxins using a rapid colorimetric bioassay
A colorimetric MTT (tetrazolium salt) cleavage test was used to evaluate cytotoxicity of Fusarium mycotoxins on two cultured human cell lines as well as their inhibitory effect on proliferation of phytohemagglutinin-stimulated human peripheral blood lymphocytes. Expand
Omalizumab for Difficult-to-Treat Dermatological Conditions: Clinical and Immunological Features from a Retrospective Real-Life Experience
Off-label omalizumab was safe and effective in patients and appeared to induce lymphocyte polarisation toward a type 2 immune response and to be able to quench eosinophil-mediated inflammation, particularly in atopic dermatitis patients. Expand
Toxicity of some Fusarium section Sporotrichiella strains in relation to mycotoxin production
The relationship between the toxicities of crude extracts and purified toxins of Fusarium spp. belonging to the section Sporotrichiella has been assessed. Toxicity was determined on the basis ofExpand
Phenotypic immaturity of T and B lymphocytes in cord blood of full-term normal neonates. Analysis of cell surface markers by using conventional techniques and monoclonal antibodies.
It is suggested that immature lymphocytes with the phenotype of 'common' thymocytes (T6+, T4+, T8+) are present in cord blood of full-term newborns. Expand
Effects of Preactivated Autologous T Lymphocytes on CD80, CD86 and CD95 Expression by Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia B Cells
Efficient activation of T lymphocytes in B-CLL may be achieved which, in turn, may result in enhanced antigen-presenting capacity and susceptibility to apoptosis of leukemic cells via CD86 and CD95 upregulation, respectively. Expand
Vigorous exercise acutely changes platelet and B-lymphocyte CD39 expression.
Findings confirm the critical role of this ADPase in inhibition of platelet responsiveness, also suggesting a possible role of B lymphocytes in thromboregulation mechanism. Expand