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Critical Approaches to Fieldwork: Contemporary and Historical Archaeological Practice
This work takes as its starting point the role of fieldwork and how this has changed over the past 150 years. The author argues against progressive accounts of fieldwork and instead places it in itsExpand
The archaeology of time
of treatments. Photographs of artefacts are large and clear and accompanied by scales. Other photographs include laboratory equipment. Although this book is brief on many of the material typesExpand
Landscapes of Settlement in Northern Iceland: Historical Ecology of Human Impact and Climate Fluctuation on the Millennial Scale
Early settlement in the North Atlantic produced complex interactions of culture and nature. The sustained program of interdisciplinary collaboration is intended to focus on ninth- to 13th-centuryExpand
Disposability and Dispossession in the Twentieth Century
This article addresses the issue of disposability in modern Anglo-American society, through a historical and archaeological perspective of late 19th- and 20th-century practices surrounding waste.Expand
Understanding the Archaeological Record: Understanding the Archaeological Record
This book explores the diverse understandings of the archaeological record from historical and contemporary perspectives while also serving as a guide to reassessing current views. Gavin Lucas arguesExpand
Time and Archaeological Event
  • G. Lucas
  • History
  • Cambridge Archaeological Journal
  • 1 February 2008
This paper re-examines the concept of the archaeological event as a means to avoid dual or multiple levels for historical phenomena, which a scalar view of time creates. Central to this procedure isExpand
Destruction and the Rhetoric of Excavation
In this paper a recurrent perception of archaeological excavation as destruction is addressed. By examining this rhetoric in discourses about fieldwork in the UK, the theoretical issues implicit inExpand
Bloody slaughter: Ritual decapitation and display at the Viking settlement of Hofstaðir, Iceland
This article attempts an interpretation of an unusual assemblage of cattle skulls recovered from recent excavations at the Viking Age monumental hall of Hofstaðir in Iceland. Osteological analysis ofExpand
Some Reflections on Heritage and Archaeology in the Anthropocene
Are we now living in a new geological epoch called the Anthropocene? Geo-scientists discuss whether there is a need for a new concept covering the last 250 years' immense human impact on the earth.Expand
Hofstaðir : Excavations of a Viking Age Feasting Hall in North-Eastern Iceland
This is the first output from a multi national collaborative project based in Iceland. The site is a substantial settlement or skali, which has been variously interepreted as a pagan temple or aExpand