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Mössbauer spectroscopy applied to inorganic chemistry
1. The Early Days of the Effect.- 2. Mossbauer Effect Studies of Hard Magnetic Materials.- 3. Mossbauer Effect Studies of Oxidic Spinels.- 4. Evaluation of Distributed Hyperfine Parameters.- 5. RadioExpand
The influence of crystallinity on magnetic ordering in natural ferrihydrites
A B S T R A C T : M6ssbauer spectra of three natural ferrihydrites of different crystallinities were collected between 295 and 4.2 K. Optimal fits of the room-temperature spectra were obtained usingExpand
Properties and Structure of Sodium-iron Phosphate Glasses
Abstract Selected properties of phosphate glasses, containing from 14 to 43 mol% Fe2O3 and up to 13 mol% Na2O, have been measured. With increasing Fe2O3 and Na2O content, the density and dilatometricExpand
Relationship between the Synthesis of Prussian Blue Pigments, Their Color, Physical Properties, and Their Behavior in Paint Layers
Prussian blue pigments, highly insoluble mixed-valence iron(III) hexacyanoferrate(II) complexes of typical stoichiometry Fe-4(III)[Fe-II(CN)(6)](3)center dot xH(2)O or KFeIII[Fe-II(CN)(6)]center doExpand
Phase Transitions in LaFeAsO: Structural, Magnetic, Elastic, and Transport Properties, Heat Capacity and Mössbauer Spectra
We present results from a detailed experimental investigation of LaFeAsO, the parent material in the series of ``FeAs'' based oxypnictide superconductors. Upon cooling, this material undergoes aExpand
Einstein oscillators that impede thermal transport
The Einstein model of a solid usually lacks a clear illustration in introductory solid-state physics courses because most solids are much better described by the Debye model. Filled antimonyExpand
An 57Fe Mössbauer spectral study of vermiculitization in the Palabora Complex, Republic of South Africa
Abstract Two phlogopite, two mixed-layer phlogopite-vermiculite, and two vermiculite samples collected from the Palabora Complex of South Africa have been investigated at 295 K by X-ray diffraction,Expand
Magnetic blocking in a linear iron(I) complex.
Single-molecule magnets that contain one spin centre may represent the smallest possible unit for spin-based computational devices. Such applications, however, require the realization of moleculesExpand
Slow magnetic relaxation in a high-spin iron(II) complex.
Slow magnetic relaxation is observed for [(tpa(Mes))Fe](-), a trigonal pyramidal complex of high-spin iron(II), providing the first example of a mononuclear transition metal complex that behaves as aExpand