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Co-Ranking Multiple Entities in a Heterogeneous Network: Integrating Temporal Factor and Users' Bookmarks
A novel approach that models the mutual reinforcing relationship among papers, authors and publication venues with due cognizance of publication time and the experimental results show that the proposed method outperforms the traditional methods. Expand
Wind speed and direction measurement based on arc ultrasonic sensor array signal processing algorithm.
The theoretical analysis and simulation results indicate that the proposed method has superiority on anti-noise performance and improves the wind measurement accuracy. Expand
EENMF: An End-to-End Neural Matching Framework for E-Commerce Sponsored Search
An end-to-end neural matching framework (EENMF) to model two tasks---vector-based ad retrieval and neural networks based ad pre-ranking and the proposed approach significantly outperforms the baseline. Expand
Rapid and Efficient Separation of Oil from Oil-in-Water Emulsions Using a Janus Cotton Fabric.
A novel bi-functional Janus cotton fabric is used to separate oil from oil-in-water emulsions and the content of the model oil hexadecane (HD) in water after a separation can be reduced to less than 0.03±0.03 vol%. Expand
A PZT insulin pump integrated with a silicon microneedle array for transdermal drug delivery
Many of the compounds in drugs cannot be effectively delivered using current drug delivery techniques (e.g., pills and injections). Transdermal delivery is an attractive alternative, but it isExpand
Stress-induced anhedonia correlates with lower hippocampal serotonin transporter protein expression
The data indicate that down-regulation of hippocampal 5-HTT protein expression is a signature change associated with anhedonia, a key endophenotype of clinical depression. Expand
A disposable piezoelectric micropump with high performance for closed-loop insulin therapy system
Abstract This paper presents a novel and disposable piezoelectric micropump with high performance for a new closed-loop insulin therapy system. The micropump was designed using four chambers in aExpand
Chiral imprinting of diblock copolymer single-chain particles.
Under optimized conditions, the produced imprinting of polymer single-chain particles that have a radius ∼3.7 nm had exceptionally high binding capacity and high selectivity for L-ΦAA, and the preparation of essentially pure tadpoles at high final polymer concentrations. Expand
Influence of molecular weight on the spectroscopic properties of a series of well-defined poly(3-hexylthiophene) polymers
A series of five poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) polymers were prepared, and their spectroscopic properties were studied. These polymers were well defined, with polydispersity indices no larger than ...
Density Peaks Clustering Based on Weighted Local Density Sequence and Nearest Neighbor Assignment
The experimental results verify that the DPCSA clustering performance is significantly superior to DPC and DPC via heat diffusion (HDDPC), and slightly superior to fuzzy weighted k-nearest neighbors density peak clustering (FKNNDPC). Expand