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Treatment of adults with growth hormone (GH) deficiency with recombinant human GH.
In a double blind, cross-over placebo-controlled trial, we studied the effects of 26 weeks of replacement therapy with recombinant human GH on body composition, metabolic parameters, and well-beingExpand
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Screening for iron deficiency: an analysis based on bone‐marrow examinations and serum ferritin determinations in a population sample of women
Summary Efficacy of different methods in screening for iron deficiency was re‐examined in a randomly selected sample of 38‐year‐old women (n= 203) with known iron status based on absence/presence ofExpand
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Serum insulin‐like growth factor I in a random population sample of men and women: relation to age, sex, smoking habits, coffee consumption and physical activity, blood pressure and concentrations of
OBJECTIVE There Is a cllnlcal need for population based reference values for serum Insulin‐like growth factor I (IGF‐I). We have therefore determined serum IGF‐i concentrations In a random populationExpand
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The effects of testosterone treatment on body composition and metabolism in middle-aged obese men.
Twenty-three middle-aged abdominally obese men were treated for eight months with testosterone or with placebo. Testosterone treatment was followed by a decrease of visceral fat mass, measured byExpand
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Increased body fat mass and decreased extracellular fluid volume in adults with growth hormone deficiency
OBJECTIVE Growth hormone deficiency in adults with hypopituitarism has previously received little attention. Recent data, however, suggest that GH deflciency might be essential for the long‐termExpand
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Clinical signs of heart failure are associated with increased levels of natriuretic peptide types B and A in children with congenital heart defects or cardiomyopathy
Aim: To study whether natriuretic peptide types B (BNP) and A (ANP) reflect clinical signs of heart failure (CSHF) in children with congenital heart defects or cardiomyopathy resulting in differentExpand
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Effect of noise on blood pressure and 'stress' hormones.
1. Noise stimulation (95 dBA) for 20 min caused a significant increase in diastolic (12%, P less than 0.001) and mean arterial pressure (7%, P less than 0.001) in 15 healthy normotensive maleExpand
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Women with polycystic ovary syndrome wedge resected in 1956 to 1965: a long-term follow-up focusing on natural history and circulating hormones.
OBJECTIVE To determine if the hormonal imbalance in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) continues into and after menopause and to analyze factors constituting an increased risk for developingExpand
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Follitropin (FSH) Deficiency in an Infertile Male due to FSHβ Gene Mutation. A Syndrome of Normal Puberty and Virilization but Under-developed Testicles with Azoospermia, Low FSH but High Lutropin
Abstract We studied a man who sought medical attention at age 28 years because of infertility in both his first and second marriages. His sexual development appeared to have been normal, with normalExpand
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