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Nitrogen is a key element controlling the species composition, diversity, dynamics, and functioning of many terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems. Many of the original plant species livingExpand
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Limnological Analyses
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Controlling Eutrophication: Nitrogen and Phosphorus
Improvements in the water quality of many freshwater and most coastal marine ecosystems requires reductions in both nitrogen and phosphorus inputs.
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Acidic Deposition in the Northeastern United States: Sources and Inputs, Ecosystem Effects, and Management Strategies
A deposition is the transfer of strong acids and acid-forming substances from the atmosphere to the surface of the Earth. The composition of acidic deposition includes ions, gases, and particlesExpand
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Increased salinization of fresh water in the northeastern United States.
Chloride concentrations are increasing at a rate that threatens the availability of fresh water in the northeastern United States. Increases in roadways and deicer use are now salinizing freshExpand
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Pattern and process in a forested ecosystem.
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Biogeochemistry of a Forested Ecosystem
1 Ecosystem Analysis Small Watershed Approach The Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Location Climate Area, Topography, and Aspect Geology Soils Vegetation and Fauna Drainage Streams Concluding Thoughts 2Expand
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Long-Term Effects of Acid Rain: Response and Recovery of a Forest Ecosystem
Long-term data from the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, suggest that although changes in stream pH have been relatively small, large quantities of calcium and magnesium have beenExpand
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Effects of Forest Cutting and Herbicide Treatment on Nutrient Budgets in the Hubbard Brook Watershed-Ecosystem
All vegetation on Watershed 2 of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest was cut during November and December of 1965, and vegetation regrowth was inhibited for two years by periodic application ofExpand
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Energy Flow in Bear Brook, New Hampshire: An Integrative Approach to Stream Ecosystem Metabolism
An annual energy budget is presented for Bear Brook, a small undisturbed second-order stream in northeastern United States. The ecosystem approach, in which all input and output fluxes of potentialExpand
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