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The In Thing
To the Editor.— Readers of medical writings, not necessarily literature, encounter the patient who came "to hospital." The editor chuckles madly, gleefully. With his preferred color of ink, the
Gliomas Induced in Dogs By the Rous Sarcoma Virus
T tumors in dogs have been induced by Rabotti and others working at the National Cancer Institute, finding the potentialities of viruses for provoking neoplastic changes continue as fascinating puzzles.
To Its Knowledge
To the Editor:— I am continually puzzled by the phrase, "to my knowledge." Is it a lazy writer's way of saying, "According to my knowledge"? I have before me an article which reads, "To my knowledge,
Ho, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle o' Rum
To the Editor.— Sir, I must thank you for your beautiful Christmas card. It is remarkably like the one I received from you Christmas 1967. On a surfaced paper which would not accept writing or
The Bounty Hunters
Within the purviews of ordinary men, the purlieus of the bounty hunter now embrace those fields of corporate medicine that involve readjustment of limb, transmutation of golden brain to alchemical slush, and cutting up generally.
Of Mice and Medicine
The mouse when young has a flexible skull, making him the worldwide house mouse, who was a field mouse before the authors built houses.
Vincent Van Gogh And Glaucoma
The argument that Van Gogh's "halos" copied sensory changes experienced by the person with glaucoma may be fallacious, and the argument that a painter would reproduce nature with artifact seems untenable.
Of Time and Acuity
The impact of medical writing on the scribes of Webster's Third "International" has provided some chronic complaint, which promises to be of long duration, at the same time creating the acute patient, doomed to an early crisis.
Francisco León y Blanco
The recent article by Kuhn and others records experimental transmission of the treponematosis pinta to chimpanzees, with some degree of success, and it would seem possible that the correct "Leon Blanco" should have been.
The Fluent State of Cyclamate
To the Editor.— My business has increased voluminously, now that I wave the magic prescription pad for cyclamates. A whole new coterie of patients knocks upon my door. Indeed, yesterday morning on