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Contracting for Property Rights
Series editors' preface 1. Contracting for property rights 2. Analytical framework 3. Contracting for mineral rights 4. Contracting for changes in federal land policies 5. Contracting in fisheries 6.Expand
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Water Markets in the West: Prices, Trading, and Contractual Forms
Rising urban and environmental demand for water has created growing pressure to re-allocate water from traditional agricultural uses. The evolution of water markets has been more complicated thanExpand
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The Enduring Impact of the American Dust Bowl: Short and Long-Run Adjustments to Environmental Catastrophe
The 1930's American Dust Bowl was an environmental catastrophe that greatly eroded sections of the Plains. Analyzing new data collected to identify low-, medium-, and high-erosion counties, the DustExpand
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An Integrated Assessment of Water Markets: A Cross-Country Comparison
This article presents an integrated framework for assessing water markets in terms of their institutional foundations, economic efficiency, and environmental sustainability. This framework can be aExpand
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Small Farms, Externalities, and the Dust Bowl of the 1930's
We provide a new and more complete analysis of the origins of the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, one of the most severe environmental crises in North America in the 20th Century. Severe drought and windExpand
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The Impact of Entrepreneurship Education: An Evaluation of the Berger Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Arizona, 1985-1999
The effect of the Berger Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Arizona from 1985 through 1988 is examined by comparing graduates of the school who participated in the program with a matchedExpand
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The Influence of Private Contractual Failure on Regulation: The Case of Oil Field Unitization
An analysis of the interdependence between regulation and private contractual failure reveals that the feasible range of regulation is restricted by the same forces that block private agreement. TheExpand
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Economic Variables and the Development of the Law: The Case of Western Mineral Rights
Much of American legal activity during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries centered on the transfer of a continent of natural resources—agricultural land, water, timber, mineral deposits—fromExpand
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Titles, Conflict, and Land Use: The Development of Property Rights and Land Reform on the Brazilian Amazon Frontier
The Amazon, the world's largest rain forest, is the last frontier in Brazil. The settlement of large and small farmers, squatters, miners, and loggers in this frontier during the past thirty yearsExpand
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The Rise of the Chicago Packers and the Origins of Meat Inspection and Antitrust
The Meat Inspection Act of 1891 and the Sherman Act of 1890 are shown to be closely tied. This link makes clearer Congress' intent in enacting the legislation. Both laws were products of conditionsExpand
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