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The HITRAN 2008 molecular spectroscopic database
This paper describes the contents of the 2016 edition of the HITRAN molecular spectroscopic compilation. The new edition replaces the previous HITRAN edition of 2012 and its updates during theExpand
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Jarid2 and PRC2, partners in regulating gene expression.
The Polycomb group proteins foster gene repression profiles required for proper development and unimpaired adulthood, and comprise the components of the Polycomb-Repressive Complex 2 (PRC2) includingExpand
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The rice HIGH-TILLERING DWARF1 encoding an ortholog of Arabidopsis MAX3 is required for negative regulation of the outgrowth of axillary buds.
Rice tillering is an important agronomic trait for grain production. The HIGH-TILLERING DWARF1 (HTD1) gene encodes an ortholog of Arabidopsis MAX3. Complementation analyses for HTD1 confirm that theExpand
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Parametrizations in control problems
The results described in the previous chapters all have a signal processing flavour, in that the objective has been to minimize the performance degradation of filters due to errors caused either byExpand
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The velocity of overland flow has been conventionally measured using tracers, but it is difficult to measure the mean flow velocity directly because the centroid of the tracer plume is not easilyExpand
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Parametrizations in Control, Estimation and Filtering Problems: Accuracy Aspects
1 Introduction.- 1.1 Motivation and general statement of objectives.- 1.2 A historical view and some motivating examples.- 1.3 Outline of the book.- 2 Finite Word Length errors and computations.- 2.1Expand
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IL-6 promotion of glioblastoma cell invasion and angiogenesis in U251 and T98G cell lines
Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is a growth and survival factor in human glioblastoma cells and plays an important role in malignant progression. However, its role in glioblastoma invasion is still unknown.Expand
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MicroRNA-218 inhibits glioma invasion, migration, proliferation, and cancer stem-like cell self-renewal by targeting the polycomb group gene Bmi1.
Malignant gliomas are the most common central nervous system tumors and the molecular mechanism driving their development and recurrence is still largely unknown, limiting the treatment of thisExpand
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Indole production by the tryptophanase TnaA in Escherichia coli is determined by the amount of exogenous tryptophan.
The signalling molecule indole occurs in significant amounts in the mammalian intestinal tract and regulates diverse microbial processes, including bacterial motility, biofilm formation, antibioticExpand
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Recent Progress in Polymer Solar Cells: Manipulation of Polymer:Fullerene Morphology and the Formation of Efficient Inverted Polymer Solar Cells
Polymer morphology has proven to be extremely important in determining the optoelectronic properties in polymer-based devices. The understanding and manipulation of polymer morphology has been theExpand
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